The Bolero School by Marina Grut

Subtitle: An illustrated history of the Bolero, the Seguidillas and the Escuela Bolera: Syllabus and dances.
Summary: The book traces the history of the classical Spanish dance, its regional roots, its connections to flamenco on the one hand and on the other hand also to the 19th century ballet of Cecchetti and Bournonville. The Pericet syllabus of exercises and sixteen dances is codified here for the first time, thereby greatly improving the chances that this endangered cultural heritage will survive.
Contents: Prologue by Alberto Lorca. Part 1, The history of the Bolero: the Seguidillas, the Bolero, regional Boleros, the Bolero as the national dance of Spain, the Escuela Bolera, the Pericet family, biographical information on dancers, presenters and contributors in the field of classical Spanish dance, the Ballet Nacional de España, and the Spanish Dance Society; "The Escuela Bolera Dance in London in the Nineteenth Century" by Ivor Guest; some theatres in Spain. Part 2, The Pericet syllabus. Part 3, The codified dances: A, Goya and regional - Bolero con Seguidillas (Goya), Bolero del Candil (Goya), Seguidillas del Candil (Goya), Bolero de Caspe (regional, Aragon). B, The Pericet versions of – Boleras de la Cachucha, Boleras de Medio Paso, Cachucha, El Olé de la Curra, Jaleo de Jerez, La Macarena, Panaderos de la Flamenca, Peteneras Boleras (Andaluzas), Seguidillas Manchegas, Sevillanas Boleras, Soleares del Maestro Arcas, and Zapateado de Maria Cristina. Bibliography.
Illustrations: 38 colour plates and over 100 black and white illustrations, many of which have never been published before.
Year and place of publication: 2002, London.
Publisher, price: Dance Books Ltd,, £30 (EUR 49, US$44) in the UK.
ISBN: 1-85273-081-1
Size and binding: 416 pages of 20 x 26 cm, hardback.
Cover picture: Painting of "Baile del Candil" (dance by lamplight) digitally enhanced by Nicolai Grut of Feedback Video,
UDC library number: 793.31(46)