Main choreographies by Marina Keet,
in approximate chronological order

1. Three-Cornered Hat (De Falla) at the Alhambra Theatre, Cape Town, in 1966 for Phyllis Spira and Gary Burne. Costumes Stephen de Villiers. Picture represents Chris van Niekerk as the Corregidor (Mayor), Maxine Denys as the Miller’s Wife, and Harold King as the onlooker.
Thre cornered hat decor
Décor by Keith Anderson for Marina Keet’s Three-Cornered Hat, Nico Malan Opera House, Cape Town, 1966
2. The Magic Circle (Surinach) in 1968. First performed for the University of Cape Town (UCT) Ballet.

3. The Magic Circle restaged for Danza Lorca. Photo: Marina Lorca and José Antonio Ruiz.

4. Kyrie from Misa Flamenca (music Torregrosa) in 1971 at the Nico Malan Opera House, Cape Town, for Hazel Acosta, Mavis Becker, Deanna Blacher, Cynthia Rowe, Owen Murray, and Vivian Tomlinson. Designs by Stephen de Villiers, lighting by Emile Aucamp.

5. Sanctus from Misa Flamenca.

6. Fiesta, first performed by the UCT Ballet at the Inernational Festival of Youth Orchestras in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1972 (this photo); restaged for the Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB) Ballet in 1973.

7. Olé, 1975.  Recital for three dancers: Hazel Acosta, Emilio Acosta, and (photo) Mavis Becker. At the Hofmeyr Theatre, Cape Town.

8. Bolero (Ravel), 1976, for CAPAB Music. Hazel Acosta, Gerard Prinsloo, Glen Lawmon. Photo by Keith Mackintosh.

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