Main choreographies by Marina Keet page 2,
in approximate chronological order

Performances by the Spanish Dance Theatre in the USA:

in the Kennedy Center, Marvin Theatre, Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic Society, and the National Gallery in Washington DC; in the Museum of Natural History, Juilliard School in New York; and at the Boston Museum of Art; and in many other centres including New Orleans.

9. From left to right: Joanne Erlebacher, Diane Pisano, Ziva Cohen, and Deanna Pearce. Photo by Vic Cohen.

10. Seguidillas del Candil.

11. Mourners’ dance, Valencia. Choreography by Albert Sans. Photo: Bill O’Leary, Washington Post.

12. Galician.

13. Jaime Coronado and Renée Ianuzzi in the rich costumes of Salamanca. Photo: Vic Cohen.

14. Joanne Erlebacher and Nancy Sedgwick dancing a Jota Aragonesa.

15. Asturian. Antonio Saldaña, Paul Shelton, Eric Rice-Johnson. Photo: Vic Cohen.
16. Garrotin. Nancy Heller, Nancy Sedgwick and Lourdes Elias.
17. Caracoles. Diane Pisano, Jaime Coronado, Ziva Cohen, Nelson Sittón, and Mary-Ann Shelton.
18. Jota Aragonesa. Mary-Ann Shelton, Nancy Heller, Nelson Sittón, Nancy Sedgwick and Lourdes Elias.
19. Benamor. Jaime Coranodo, Paula Durbin (2nd from left), and others. Photo: Vic Cohen.
20. Jaime Coronado and Ziva Cohen in an Andalusian dance. Photo: Vic Cohen.
21. Muñeira Asturiana. Paul Shelton, Eric Rice-Johnson, Antonio Saldaña, and Nancy Heller. Photo Vic Cohen.
22. Parado de Valdemosa: Marla Bush, Carol Sanders and Nelson Sittón.
23. Bolero de l’Alcudia de Carlet: Nancy Sedgwick with guest artist Joan Fosas.
24. Mexican polka: Nancy Heller and Antonio Saldaña.
25. Spanish Dance Theatre’s Young Audiences (school performances). Back: Nancy Heller and Jaime Coronado. Front: Antonio Saldaña, Ziva Cohen and Joanne Erlebacher. Photo Vic Cohen.

26. The Spanish Dance Theatre of Washington DC. From left to right:

Back row: Concha Egea, Nancy Heller, Lourdes Elias, Carol Sanders, Mary Ann Shelton, Ziva Cohen. Principal Guest Artist: Joan Fosas; Artistic Director: Dame Marina Keet; Flamenco Singer: Manolo Leiva (guest artist). Nancy Sedgwick, Annette Smith (stage manager), Jorge Porta (singer), Danielle Polen, Triana d’Orazio, Marla Bush, Alan Jones (guest artist), Eric Rice-Johnson (bagpiper-gaita), Pepita Pagan (Jota singer).

Front row: Jaime Coronado, Antonio Saldaña, John O’Loughlin, Juan Pagan, Larry Robinson, Henry Jova, Ralph Pemberton, Orlando Vargas, Michael Perez (obscured), Nelson Sittón.

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