Forest Pricing and Concession Policy: Managing the High Forests of West and Central Africa

Summary: Problems ("issues") are discussed related to respectively low forest revenue, management, silviculture, forest utilisation, forest industry, concession management, tenure, and sustainable development. Recommendations are made (in section 3.1) about how to overcome these problems: more use of competitive bidding when allocating concessions, replacing logging concessions with management concessions, making more use of area-based fees in order to improve the collection rate.

Co-authors: John A. Gray and Nicolas Egli.

Year and place of publication: 1991, Washington DC

Publisher: World Bank (Technical Paper No. 143, Africa Technical Department Series).

ISSN: 0253-7494

Edition française: Politique de redevance et de concessions forestières: Gestion des futaies en Afrique occidentale et centrale. Document technique de la Banque mondiale nr. 143F. Série de Département technique Afrique. ISSN: 0253-7494

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Size: 77 pages of 21 x 27 cm

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