Excerpt from Forest Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana

From "Abstract"
"A biodiversity conservation proposal is made, based on an extensive botanical survey published in 1995 (Hawthorne and Abu-Juam). The proposal was costed at US$12 million over five years. Of that, US$7.0 million represents net revenues foregone that would rightfully belong to the local communities. At present those communities, through their local authorities, benefit from timber revenues where logging is allowed but do not obtain similar benefits from forests where logging is banned. This acts as a disincentive for total protection.
It is proposed that the international community should pay US$10.1 million of the total costs of US$12 million, i.e. 84%. This payment, which represents management costs plus revenue replacement for a period of five years, would be only a small proportion of the estimated global carbon sequestration value of the proposal, which is US$135 million. The international community's "consumer surplus" would thus be considerable."