Gospel for Christian Non-Believers

Gospel for Christian non-believersSubtitle: The Gospel as set out by Luke, Matthew, John and Mark, but unified into one consecutive narrative, without the miracles, and with the god-concept minimised.

Summary:  This is a version of the Christian Gospel edited for persons who do not believe in God but who believe in the ethical messages of the Gospel, and who believe that there is such a things as a religious experience, which can be brought about by traditional religion, or by art, nature or otherwise; i.e. for “Christian agnostics” who accept two sides of the Trinity –  Christ and the “Holy Spirit” –  but not the third side, “God”.
The Gospels have much to offer, not just to those who believe in a traditional God. In this book the four Gospels have been merged into one consecutive narrative, stressing the ethical message, and omitting the supernatural. The Gospels presented in this way are more clearly seen as a moving story beautifully told and as a valid code of conduct. Texts have not been tampered with, only selected. Besides the Gospel selection itself, the book contains a preface, an introduction, a glossary, and an extensive index.

Size and binding: 79 pages, paperback, 13.5 by 20.5 cm.

Publisher, year, ISBN, price: CreateSpace, 2008, ISBN 978-1438263397, price USD 13 or GBP 9.
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UDC library number: 171 (General Ethics).

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