The History of Ballet in South Africa by Marina Grut

Summary: Deals with the history of ballet in South Africa from 1802 to 1979, but with emphasis on the 20th century, and with a chapter on the influences on South African ballet. Contains extensive annexes on: (1) Chronological summaries, region by region. (2) Notes on visitors' performances. (3) The Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) in South Africa. (4) Biographies of South African ballet personalities (74 pages). (5) Lists of ballets performed in South Africa from 1802 to 1979 (26 pages). (6) Dancers and other staff of ballet companies in South Africa from 1934 to 1979.
Year and place of publication: 1981, Cape Town
Publisher: Human & Rousseau Publishers (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town.
ISBN: 0-7981-1089-9
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Illustrations: Colour and black & white.
Size: 492 pages of 17 x 24 cm
UDC library number: 792.8(680)