The Jota by Marina Grut

Summary (contents): (1) The style and history of the Jota in general. (2) The Jota of Aragon: history, music, structure, rhythm, songs, steps, style of arm positions in the dances, terms and costume; in Huesca, Ansó, Teruel, Calanda, Albalate, Alcañiz, Zaragoza, Caspe and Leciñena, (3) The Jota in Navarra, Valencia, Castile, Murcia, Galicia, Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Basque region, Mallorca, Menorca, the Canary Islands, and other areas of Spain. (4) The Jota outside Spain (Peru, Argentina, the Philippines) and the Jota in classical music.
Author: Written under Marina Grut's maiden and stage name "Marina Keet".
Illustrations: In colour by Mary-Jane Alexander, and in black and white by Heather Magoon (arm positions in the Aragon dances).
Maps: Of Spain, of Aragon, and (showing dialects and areas) of the Basque region..
Year and place of publication: 2000, London.
Publisher: Spanish Dance Society.
Obtainable from, and price: Sherrill Wexler, Executive Administrator, Spanish Dance Society, 1 Blackett Close, Staines, TW18 3NW, UK; phone/fax 44-1784-460419. Price £19 excluding postage.
Size: 47 A4 pages (21 x 30 cm).
UDC library number: 793.31(46)