Books by Mikael Grut

Forestry and Forest Industry in South Africa
Summary: Data on the indigenous forests, history of afforestation, the forest regions, the plantations, the more important species, increment, forest protection, silviculture, labour force, felling and transport, training, research, profitability, forest industry, and demand for forest products.
Year and place of publication: 1965, Cape Town/Amsterdam
Publisher: A. A. Balkema
Size: 115 pages of 18 x 25 cm
UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) library number: 634.0.904(68.01)

Pinus radiata, Growth and Economics
Summary: A computerised yield model was prepared for Pinus radiata in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, on the basis of measurements of the CCT (Correlated Curve Trend) plots carried out over many years by the government forest service. With this model the yields were estimated for different site qualities and for many different combinations of planting espacement, thinning programme and clearfelling age; and the profitability was estimated in terms of rate of return and net present value, for various combinations of timber values and silvicultural costs. The heavy thinning programmes were consistently more profitable.
Year and place of publication: 1970, Cape Town
Publisher: A. A. Balkema
Size: 234 pages of 15 x 23 cm
UDC library number: 634.0.651(687)

Forest Pricing and Concession Policy: Managing the High Forests of West and Central Africa
Summary: Problems ("issues") are discussed related to respectively low forest revenue, management, silviculture, forest utilisation, forest industry, concession management, tenure, and sustainable development. Recommendations are made (in section 3.1) about how to overcome these problems: more use of competitive bidding when allocating concessions, replacing logging concessions with management concessions, making more use of area-based fees in order to improve the collection rate.
Co-authors: John A. Gray and Nicolas Egli.
Year and place of publication: 1991, Washington DC
Publisher: World Bank (Technical Paper No. 143, Africa Technical Department Series).
ISSN: 0253-7494
Edition française: Politique de redevance et de concessions forestières: Gestion des futaies en Afrique occidentale et centrale. Document technique de la Banque mondiale nr. 143F. Série de Département technique Afrique. ISSN: 0253-7494
Obtainable from: (1) Bookshops selling World Bank publications. Or: (2)
world Bank Bookstore, c/o World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington DC 20433, USA; tel. 1-202-473-2941 or (operator) 1-202-477-1234. The English edition may be out of print.
Size: 77 pages of 21 x 27 cm
UDC library number: 634.0.711(66/67)

Olof Wijk's North American Diary of 1829
Summary: Olof Wijk senior (1786-1856), a wealthy business man and member of parliament from Gothenburg in Sweden, travelled through the West Indies and eastern United States and Canada in 1829-30. He kept a detailed diary in Swedish (selections of which are here translated into English by Mikael Grut), very observantly describing factories, canal projects, prisons (he was a member of a parliamentary committee for prison reform), archives, monuments, nature, towns, customs, and his meetings with famous persons like President Andrew Jackson; former president John Quincey Adams; Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon; Mr Murat, son of the former King of Naples; Robert Owen, the Scottish utopian; Martin van Buren, Minister of Foreign Affairs and later president; Henry Clay, The Great Pacificator; and many others. The book contains extensive notes by the specialist on Swedish-American genealogy Dr Nils William Olsson.
Year and place of publication: 1998; Winter Park, Florida
Publisher: SAG Publications (Studies in Swedish American Genealogy 4).
ISBN: 0-9616105-2-2
Obtainable from, and price: (1) Sweden Bookshop, Svenska Institutet, Box 7434, SE-103 91 Stockholm, Sweden; fax 468-207240, phone 468-789-2000, email (to Anne Sanchez) Or, (2), from: Mikael Grut, 20 Burghley House, London, SW19 5JB, Great Britain. Fax 44-20-8946-6942, tel. 44-20-8879-1815, email; for £6 or US$9 or ?9 or SEK90, including postage.
Size: 54 pages of 15 x 23 cm
UDC library number: 917(091)

Forest Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana, and Proposed International Support of Biodiversity Conservation
Summary: Forest areas in Ghana which should, from a biodiversity conservation point of view, be preserved without any periodic sustainable harvesting being allowed; how much that would cost in terms of revenues foregone; and a proposal on how that cost should be split between Ghana and the international community which would be the chief beneficiary of the resulting biodiversity conservation. This study led to a US$8.7 million grant to Ghana by the GEF (Global Environment Facility).
Co-authors: William D. Hawthorne and Musah Abu-Juam
Year and place of publication: 1998, London/Norwich.
Publisher: The Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE). CSERGE Working Paper GEC 98-18.
ISSN: 0967-8875
Obtainable from, and price: The Publications Secretary, CSERGE, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK; fax 44-1603-593739, tel. 44-1603-592642, email Price: £5, which includes postage; credit cards accepted; PDF attachment available without additional cost.
Size: 30 pages of 15 x 21 cm.
UDC library number: 634.0.934(667)