Olof Wijk's North American Diary of 1829

Summary: Olof Wijk senior (1786-1856), a wealthy business man and member of parliament from Gothenburg in Sweden, travelled through the West Indies and eastern United States and Canada in 1829-30. He kept a detailed diary in Swedish (selections of which are here translated into English by Mikael Grut), very observantly describing factories, canal projects, prisons (he was a member of a parliamentary committee for prison reform), archives, monuments, nature, towns, customs, and his meetings with famous persons like President Andrew Jackson; former president John Quincey Adams; Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon; Mr Murat, son of the former King of Naples; Robert Owen, the Scottish utopian; Martin van Buren, Minister of Foreign Affairs and later president; Henry Clay, The Great Pacificator; and many others. The book contains extensive notes by the specialist on Swedish-American genealogy Dr Nils William Olsson.

Year and place of publication: 1998; Winter Park, Florida

Publisher:SAG Publications (Studies in Swedish American Genealogy 4).

ISBN: 0-9616105-2-2
Size: 54 pages of 15 x 23 cm

UDC library number: 917(091)

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