Excerpt from The Spanish Dance, 1975

From "An Introduction to Spanish Dance"

"The folklore of Spain is the richest in the world – the variety of stories, poems, music and the dance cannot be rivalled by any country in the world.

Variety in Music.
There is an endless variety in the types of music to be found in the various regions throughout Spain.
In the northern province of Galicia they play bagpipes, the Basques play a three-holed flute [txistu] with drum accompaniment, and the Andalusians play the guitar [flamenco] what a range in those three examples alone.

The Dances
As the music of a region will obviously influence the dances, this same variety is found in their dancing, some requiring a technique for jumping, others for stamping, and all the techniques are highly developed for a folk art.

Each region has its own style of performing these dances, the way they hold their heads, their arms as well as the accompaniment of finger clicks (pitos), hand clapping (palmas), finger cymbals (crotalos or chinchinas), castanets either played while attached to the thumb, or the middle finger – and even with variety of that, whether clapped against the thumb or the palm of the hand........ "